AnimeNYC 2017 – Inaugural Year Thoughts

*Quick note: ACG = Anime/Animation, Comic, Gaming*

As you may know, AnimeNYC had stepped forward and brought a major anime/ACG convention back into the Javits Center in NYC and it had just happened this past weekend. LeftField Media went straight for it and used their expertise of other events they organise to bring a great show to NYC focused on ACG, which the other major con (NY Comic-Con) does not focus on. ANYC had a great selection of guests, panelists, exhibitors and artists in their inaugural year and surely picked the right time for it!

I had the feeling that the organisers were testing out the waters of an ACG con in NYC to ensure that there was an audience interest that they had envisioned. Nonetheless, with badges selling out for the weekend and the peak days (Friday & Saturday-only,) I was really happy to see them reach the quota. To be able to walk through and see the attendance with more serious and passionate fans of various series (memes and non-meme series, mainstream and niche series, etc.,) I was more than happy that ANYC wasn’t going to be stuck in a regional/smaller con loop, but a con with potential to grow… possibly rapidly. Also, it seems like everyone was able to follow procedures correctly here, so management on all ends seemed pretty smooth – sure it comes from a veteran organiser, but, still, not all inaugural con runs at different locations go smoothly all the time.

Also, where credit is due, Anisong World Matsuri (low-key in their name @ ANYC) brought three wonderful ladies for Anime Diva Night – Yoko Ishida, Chihiro Yonekura, and TRUE – and it was awesome to see them perform live! As with other Anisong artists that come over to the U.S., I am super supportive of their first time performing in NYC and, like many others, welcomed them to the area and supported them like they would have been back at home! I hope they did enjoy their time in NYC outside of the con!

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What is this?

Hey everyone!

This looks pretty disorganised right now. Actually, truth be told, I bought this domain so nobody else can have it. I wanted to revamp my image and put a new personal space where I can express my ideas, share great thoughts, vent/rage, 💩-post… the whole-nine. You’ll have no idea what’ll be in here and neither will I. It’s like life – that unwritten page… except, like the twists and turns mine have gone through lately, it’s accurately depicted here.

But why ツィーP?
The answer may shock you.
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